Fourth Issue of BMR

Today I publish the fourth issue of Babyshark’s Minority Report, BMR 04, a very personal project in which I share those news and stories that I have found interesting and worth sharing. Some of them are current others not that much. The format of the magazine is ideal for tablets and is perfect if you have to spend time in a terminal waiting for your delayed flight or simply reading at home. I have tried to make it as intimate and enjoyable as possible. I may express my ideas sometimes, but I certainly make an effort to remain objective and unbiased. It’s not about any particular view or perspective, but simply about sharing cool stories.

In this issue there are at least three articles that are related to the situation of women at work around the world today. I believe this will be interesting to most. The information in two of these articles comes almost exclusively from a single source: a 14-page special issue of The Economist magazine. I emphasize this because I’m not trying to pretend that all the material here is my own. However, I considered the material to be very relevant, so I selected what I thought to be more important and presented it, somewhat differently. Apart from those, the rest of articles have been researched and written by me.

Each issue of the magazine is downloadable in compact form, but as of today I will also make all the articles separately available for download or for individual reading, which is, I believe, much more practical than having to open the whole issue. Another change is that the text in the articles is now actually text, not an outline as was the case in the first three issues. Of course this means that the fonts could vary, depending on whether the computer can read the original font or not. and therefore the layout could also vary slightly. I lose the absolute control I had over the design, but I think it is more important for the information to be “open”.


One thought on “Fourth Issue of BMR

  1. I find the fourth BMR very interesting. Congratulations. By the way, Happy Birthday, God Bless you and for the New Year, my best wishes of Health, Peace, Love, Happiness, and have a Prosperous personal and professional life. With love, Cutty

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