Women and Work Around the World Today

BMR 04 contains three pieces that talk about the role of women in society today. The first piece, Women at Work includes a selection of statistics, figures and information extracted from a very insightful Special Report I found in the printed version of The Economist magazine. This article uses data from these 5 articles: Closing the gap, The cashier and the carpenter, A world of bluestockings, Too many suits and Here’s to the next half-century.

The second piece Women around the World includes a diagram that has been created with data from these articles and also from an article The sky’s the limit, about the role of women in China. Other sources, like the United Nations Statistics Division and the BBC have also been used.

The third piece Oh…Those Lucky Little Nordic Babies takes a look at child care policies and, more broadly, the welfare state of nordic countries Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland. This articles uses information from another article in the same Special Report by The Economist, Babys blues.

The series owes heavily to this Special Report. It may present information differently -more visually- and may include other sources but the information comes basically from there. All I did was read the whole report and distill the 14 pages to show what I thought was essential.


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