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BMR 06

Hadouken-ing a new craze from Japan.

Is Comedy Our Last Hope? Should we be taking our comedians more seriously?

BMR 05

Blur (a 3D character animation and visual effects studios from California that has created the title sequence for The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo).

Eau de Whale Shit. The incredibly expensive sperm whale shit: Ambergris.

Mama Oprah and the Future Leaders of Africa (an article about the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls).

Blue Marble is the name NASA scientist have given this new image of the Earth.

Another Crack in the Ice, a way to forecast the future.

Battersea Power Station, on of the UK’s most recognizable landmarks.

This is Hollywoodland.

Female politicians, Women on Top.

With you head in The Cloud.

The incredible Société Ambianceurs et Personnes Élégantes of Congo.

A new concept of Girl Pop Band, AKB48.

Is this the Future of Air Travel?

Frank Lloyd Wright’s The doghouse that Jim built.

Colombia’s salt cathedral, Cum Grano Salis.

Some Facespotting in Singapore.

Time travellers? Virtual Post Traumatic Reality.

Facebook’s IPO, The Zuck.

Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde.

BMR 04

Martha Stewart (a short biography about the renowned American lifestyle guru, businesswoman, best-selling author, magazine publisher and television personality Martha Stewart). Women at Work (a piece that features selected statistics and facts extracted from a Special Report on Women at Work by The Economist). Women around the World (a graph with some interesting statistics about women around the world today). Oh…Those Lucky Little Nordic Babies (this article takes a look at child care and the welfare state of Scandinavian countries). Masako Yasumoto (one of the most interesting Japanese dancers today, regularly rethinking her style and trying different formats). Fake IKEA (Chinese were good creating fake products, now they are trying to replicate brand experiences. The latest 10,000m2 of Swedish retailer IKEA). Black Sea of Love (this is an article about KaZantip is the biggest electronic music rave in Eastern Europe, attracting more than 100,000 participants for 2 months each year). Lebbeus Woods (an architect so radical that he’s often considered the avant-garde of the avant-garde. His politically-charged post apocalyptic visions inspired scenes in Terry Gillam‘s 12 monkeys). ALMA (stands for Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array, the most ambicious human attempt to look out into the Universe in search of its origins. It consists of an array of powerful telescopes working in unison). Handelbeurs (a wonderful example of Brabantine Gothic architecture that has been forgotten and abandoned, somewhere in Belgium). Castle Ward (a castle in Northern Ireland built in the 18th century in a promontory overlooking a beautiful lake. While not brilliant, its architect did something that even the most open-minded architects would consider a crime. What makes this castle so special?). Cosplay (is not simply wearing a costume, it is a colorful type of performance art that originated in Japan and is taken very seriously by all involved). Emilio Pucci (Marchese di Barsento, revolutinized fashion with his free-flowing clothes, stretch fabrics -that made women feel free and sexier, and his  trademark vivid color prints. His life was just as colorful and exciting as his designs). Faux Paris (only recently it emerged that during WWI there was a second City of Lights, a virtual imitation meant to confuse German pilots, a few kilometers to the northwest of the real Paris). Händel’s Hallelujah (one of the most famous pieces of the classical repertoire. It is an oratorio -not an opera- by Georg Friedrich Händel, the most versatile of Baroque composers). Frank Shepard Fairey (the graphic designer who created the now famous iconic poster for Obama’s election campaign. He has publicly supported the Occupy movement in the US, creating a new image. This time it’s the face of a demonstrator wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, from the movie V for Vendetta). Welcome to Novartisland (an article about the Novartis‘ campus in Basel. The pharmaceutical giant turned its industrial complex to a place of innovation, knowledge and encounter, hiring some of the world’s most important architecture firms). Automatic Metro (Paris’ oldest metro line, opened during the 1900 Exposition Universelle has gone driverless. Most of the trains in the line are now automated). Entrepreneurship or Higher Education (Peter Thiel the renowned Silicon Valley venture capitalist has created the 20 Under 20 Thiel Fellowship, with the aim to nurture the tech visionaries of the future). Техника – молодёжи (this Russian magazine began publication in 1933 and became hugely popular among young people. Technika Molodezhi means “Technology for the Youth” and covers science and technology, and during the Soviet era it also published the work of science fiction writers). The Ghost in the Machine (Shin Takamatsu‘s creations defy categorization, he invented a style entirely his own. His buildings are somewhere between a monument and a machine). Art Noveau by the Sea (this abandoned building used to be a casino and the  liveliest place in the city of Constanta in Romania). Cyclops (probably the heaviest, but also one of the fastest and most dangerous waves in the world). Jumping with the Devil on a Lesotho Runway. This runway, up in the mountains of the African nation, is considered by pilots -and passengers, of course- the scariest runway in the world). Zèliszow (a village in Poland with an amazing but abandoned protestant church). Zeche Hugo (a former coal mine in the city of Gelsenkirchen in Germany). Facebook’s (new headquarters in Menlo Park). Random Statistics (from around the world). Nicolas Fouquet learnt the hard way that you are never to steal someone else’s spotlight, especially if that someone is the Sun King himself…the marvellous castle at Vaux-le-Vicomte, remains today one of France’s most spectacular châteaus. Luigi Colani is one the greatest designers nobody’s ever heard about.Octopussy, the lady who wet her sheets.Babyshark´s Minority…

BMR 03

Anonymous (a very loose global coalition that has been called the first Internet-based superconsciousness). Those amazing Japanese drinksThe Great Man-made River is the biggest water transport system constructed in History. Inteligent Japenese vending machines. The American Express Centurion card. Bura Sera, or the cult of the schoolgirl in Japan. Bugs, Entomophagy: the consumption by humans of insects as food.

BMR 02

Big Mac Index (a look at The Economist‘s famous purchasing-power parity index).

A dinner with very powerful people All the President’s Men.

Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Penis?

Sentinel Satellite ProjectGeorge Clooney’s satellite initiative to prevent genocide in Africa.

Space shuttle Discovery’s Last Flight.

Goofy Gadhafi, The Emperor’s Funny Clothes.

In good company, Lipstick and Fatigues.

Dude looks like a Lady, Philip I, younger brother of Louis XIV was raised as a girl.

BMR 01

Nauru is a little island with a fascinating story.

Fly by NightHave you ever slept in a plane that does not fly?

The Spy who Loved Media, Anna Chapman

Google Art Project.

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