BMR Magazine

Babyshark’s Minority Report is a personal editorial experiment that could be best described as a general interest magazine. However, it is also similar to a report, because it has no advertising and was originally intended for a limited audience. It has been carefully curated and designed, with photographs and graphics playing a prominent role supporting articles. I have tried to acknowledge all the original photographers and sources, but sometimes this information is simply not available. Here you can find the issues of the BMR Magazine. They are in PDF format. You can also go to the Articles category to read specific articles.

View PDF file of BMR 05


View PDF of BMR 04

BMR 04 has several articles on architecture, on the situation of women at work around the world today, raves by the Black Sea, Cosplay, Emilio Pucci, Martha Stewart and Russian scientific magazines.


View PDF of BMR 03

View PDF of BMR 02

BMR 02 features men who dressed like women, satellite art, virgin bodyguards, a Japanese digital diva, bioluminescent lifeforms, hamburger economics and an important penis festival.


 View PDF of BMR 01

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